What Real Users Are Saying About Everflect™

Thank you for putting these together. I love that they are uplifting and so useful, and still bite-sized so I can easily take a moment to read them, then talk with my husband and try to implement them.

This app will be very important. As a former soldier with the Australian Army, Being able to communicate the problems we have with our partners is extremely important.
​ Stephan, Australia 

I’ve been subscribed for a few weeks now and have loved the insight it provides and it has opened my eyes in my own marriage to have a different perspective on things… I hope it helps y’all as much, if not more, than it helped me in being a better wife.

The skills taught in the newsletters have been life-changing for us. Implementing these skills has brought us closer and helped us enjoy our life together significantly more. Which is amazing, because it was already pretty good to begin with.