One of the most common relationship struggles is communication. Everflect Couple™ brings you a tool that will walk you through a weekly relationship inventory. The app helps you support your spouse’s goals and reconnect with them on a regular basis. Everflect Parent™ (Coming in 2020) will walk you through parent-child interviews.  You can also check out our free printable family and parent Everflection sheets HERE.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a “Couple’s Council”?
Couple’s councils can come in many forms. In short, a couple’s council is a consistent opportunity to sit down as a couple (married or dating) and reflect on your relationship. Everflect’s version of a couple’s council is inspired by the “Companionship Inventory” for missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which goes as follows:
“At the end of your weekly planning session, share with your companion appropriate goals, and ask for his or her help to accomplish them. Discuss the strength of your relationship with your companion. Discuss any challenges that may be keeping your companionship from working in unity or from being obedient. Resolve conflicts. Share with your companion what you think his or her strengths are. Ask for suggestions on how you can improve. If needed, set goals that will improve your relationship. Conclude with prayer” Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, (2004), 137–54
Everflect adapts this version to be applicable to couples and is implemented through methods that draws from academic studies on constructive communication.
What is a Parent-Child Interview?
Being a parent can get really hectic. This makes communicating with your children very difficult. A parent-child interview is an opportunity to sit down with your child on a regular basis to go over goals, achievements and areas of improvement.
Isn’t it counter-productive to use technology to improve communication?
This is an important question. Everflect only works as designed when you verbally communicate as well as actively listen. Everflect also gives you a tool to keep track of goals and reminds you to follow up with your spouse. If you get into the habit of “Everflecting” and feel that you could continue to do so without the help of the app, we encourage you to do so.
Is Everflect a replacement for professional counseling?
No. Everflect can go hand-in-hand with professional counseling, but is not intended to replace it. We also work to provide well-researched advice within our 10-week course, but we encourage couples to seek out professional help if needed.
(If you are a professional and would like to get in touch with us, please fill out our contact form)
Is Everflect free?
​Yes! The initial app is free. The 10-week course as well as future upgrades are optional purchases.
Who is the intended audience for Everflect Couple?
Everflect has been written with a “traditional” married couple in mind. The 10-week course talks about “spouses” and “marriage”, but the information also applies to couples in various situations such as dating couples. Those who are most likely to benefit from Everflect are heterosexual couples who have a “good” relationship now, but are seeking ways to improve their communication and strengthen their marriage. However, we do not discriminate against anyone who would like to use Everflect to improve their relationship. Anyone is welcome to use our apps & products.
How will Everflect help my relationship?
Communication is critical in healthy relationships. Everflect aims to provide you with a tool that will assist you in having a meaningful discussion with your spouse every week. Our optional course work also provides you with bite-sized portions of well-researched advice and gives suggested relationship building activities to try with your spouse. Everflect requires willingness from both spouses to be effective. The success of Everflect depends on your personal application of the app and course-work.
Is this religious?
Not specifically. Everflect was inspired by the experience of Latter-day Saint missionaries, but the app is intended for use by couples with diverse backgrounds. Resources for the course work are pulled from religious leaders (of various faiths) as well as academic leaders and studies.
What will be included in the 10-week course?
The 10-week course is a collection of relationship advice that is specifically applicable to doing a couple’s council or parent-child interview like Everflect. However, it is also easily applied to other everyday life scenarios. Examples of topics that will be covered in the lessons are vulnerability, communication, balance, love languages, etc. The lessons also include relationship building activities as well as suggested further reading.
Why does it take so long to hear back or get support from Everflect™?
At Coriaria,LLC (the company behind Everflect) we believe that family comes first. Because of that, we have very strict working “office hours.” We work hard during those hours to make sure we are able to assist you in any way possible, but some replies and upgrades may be delayed for family matters. Thank you for your understanding, support and patience! (To learn more, go to
I want to do a family Everflection or parent-child Everflection, but the apps aren’t ready yet. What should I do?
We have released our printable paper version for FREE on Coriaria’s website. You can use these templates to start getting in the habit today!
Have additional questions? Feel free to send them to us at [email protected] or reaching out on one of our social media pages.