Marriage is About Progression

(Free Printable YOU + ME Marriage Journal)

In the final chapter of our Everflect Couple’s Coursework, we discuss how important progression is. A misconception about progression is that if you make it better, then it wasn’t good before. Marriage is all about taking something that IS good and making it even better. The goal is to become more united every day.

Somehow, as a newlywed, I had the foresight to record how I felt about marriage and my spouse each month so that I could see how my perspective changed over time. It is a beautiful thing to look back and see that the “honeymoon stage” was actually just a stepping stone to an every-day-more-beautiful marriage. I was learning things, that if I hadn’t been recording them, I may not have noticed.

Journaling is a fantastic way to help you have some perspective into the past and present of your relationship. Plus, it makes a great way to show your spouse in an extra way how much you love them.

To help you do the same, we are giving you a FREE printable version of YOU+ME: A progressive marriage journal.

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