Coriaria, LLC (the company behind Everflect) now has a facebook group!

This group is intended for anyone seeking to strengthen their family relationships. It is a place to share uplifting ideas for families as well as receive early access to Coriaria, LLC updates, promotions and ideas.

Here’s what you can expect from “Your Way Home”:

1. Mondays we’ll give you a #FamilyNightIdea
2. Tuesdays we’ll share a #TipTuesday on how to strengthen your family
3. Wednesdays we’ll share a family-centered #WonderfulWednesday quote
4. Thursday we’ll ask a #ThoughtfulThursday question
5. Friday we’ll share a #DateNightIdea
6. On occasional Saturdays, we’ll share #DIYSaturday projects
7. Throughout the week, we will update you on our products and experiences
8. We’ll ask your feedback so we can better meet the needs of your family
9. We’ll give you early access to our promos and giveaways
10. On occasion, we’ll host challenge events that are focused on family bonding experiences

To join, click here

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